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IMAGINE... The Great Flood
Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich is an early, easy to read chapter book published by Barbour Publishing. There are 15 short chapters written in an easy to read font for ages 8-12. An older child could read this book in a short time while a younger child would enjoy listening to this book read out loud. It is entertaining and imaginative with glimpses of the past mixed with the present.

The book begins with Corey complaining to his mother about having to move to Florida. As a young 10 year old, he doesn't want to leave all his friends and the places that he knows so well. On a short walk with his dog, Corey falls, bumps his head, and is transported to the past--to the time of Noah, just before the flood. He is quickly plummeted into the drama of this time period.

Corey meets Noah and his sons. He helps them gather the animals and faces the dreaded giants, called Nephilim, living in that time. Corey has to make quick decisions. Will he trust the cloaked Elizar, who uses dark magic, or will he turn to Jesus in his time of desperation?

At the end of the book, Corey wakes up from his strange dream and knows that he needs to trust Jesus with the fact that he is moving. Three months after his strange experience, "Corey finally understood how much God loved him." And he was able to thank the Lord for these lessons.

Join Corey as he experiences this epic storm that is brewing and as he learns to trust Jesus with his whole heart, not just when it is convenient.

This book is called Imagine... because really we want to imagine what life was like on the earth during this time just before the flood. This title especially brings the Bible to life in a rich and imaginative way. My son and I read this title together. I read much of it out loud, but he finished it on his own. He just couldn't wait for the ending.

I know I can't picture what the world was like before the flood, but this helps to bring the truth to light. There are also some parts of the story that feature super-human strength creatures, making this book fall into the fantasy category.

From my 12 year old son: "I loved this book. My favorite part was when Corey was rescued out of the hole. I would highly recommend this book to my friends. It is an easy to read book, but sometimes there were big words and names that made it hard to pronounce. But overall, I enjoyed reading this because it wasn't very long. I hope this author writes more of these types of books."

Since this book was so well received in our home, I would definitely recommend it to others. 

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Selfie Time at the 2017 State Fair

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Carole P. Roman Books Review

I simply love books written by Carole P. Roman! We were blessed to receive several books from her collection that she has written. Many of these were written by her for her grandchildren. She really has a way of writing engaging literature that is also informative and educational for children of all ages. Each of her books is filled with delightful illustrations and rich, descriptive language.

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Books by Carole P Roman
Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag: An Oh Susannah Story This is an easy to read chapter book geared for ages 7-12. Susannah is a sweet third grader who finds herself easily overwhelmed with her busy life. She keeps stuffing things into her bag, and at the end of the day she just can't handle how everything has piled up. Her parents help her sort things out and give her some ways to manage things from a practical perspective. The chapters are fairly short. I read this one aloud to my kids in one afternoon, so that gives you some perspective of the length of this book. 
Books by Carole P Roman
Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Story Cayla, Alexander, and Hallie pretend to be pirates on board their ship. They enjoy playing together and imagining new adventures. In this adventure, Fribbet the Frog is sad and scared. Big changes are happening in his home. Baby tadpoles are EVERYWHERE! Fribbet is afraid and annoyed at how much attention they require. AND how many messes they make. Fortunately for Fribbet, his friends help him see that having little brothers and sisters around isn't so bad after all. At the end of the story, the children's mother comes into their room with their newest baby brother. This is precious story that explains in an imaginative yet informative way that some families will go through as new children are born. It would be a sweet story to read before welcoming a new baby into the family. This entire series is written for ages 3-8.
Books by Carole P Roman
Rocket-Bye is a sweet bedtime story through outer space. Two children ride together on a rocket through the universe. They explore planets and fly past constellations as they zoom through the galaxy. The children end their journey, snoring, snug in their bed. Children as young as two may enjoy this story. There are not many words on the pages, and the gentle rhyming pattern would soothe and calm children, making this title a perfect addition to a bedtime routine. This sweet story is written for ages 2-8.
Books by Carole P Roman
If You Were Me and Lived In...Elizabethan England: An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time (Volume 8) Don't be deceived by this picture book! It is surprisingly informative with lots of details shared throughout. I personally learned several new facts. For instance, did you know that nobody drank water in this time period? Cider and ale was much more popular. Girls didn't attend school because their place was in the home where they learned their manners and how to say prayers. Women were not allowed to act in the plays, so the youngest male members had to play the female parts of the play. See? Lots of interesting facts. If this is a time period that you are currently studying, be sure to include this book as part of your curriculum. This is an entire series of books, so you can easily include one every time you study a new time period. Typically these titles are geared for ages 8-15. Younger children will enjoy hearing these titles read aloud to them. Older children can read them on their own.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Candy Box Tract Review

Let the Little Children Come is a new to me child evangelism company. They have some really engaging, hands-on ways not just to connect with kids, but also to engage them with materials that teach the love of Jesus and the plan of salvation. Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract is this unique three dimensional pumpkin.
These halloween tracts come in a package of 20. When you pull one out, it is flat and printed in full color on both sides. These are perforated (thank goodness!) so that you can just punch them out quickly (and carefully!) and put them together. Instructions are also drawn on the background paper.

When the tract is fully punched out and put together, they form a pumpkin. I suppose pumpkins could be used any time of year, but to me this tract is super appropriate for fall. The outside asks the question, "Is there anything better than candy?" To me, this hints at Halloween. These halloween tracts would be perfect for handing out to local Trick-or-Treaters. They would also be nice to pass out if your church participates in a trunk or treat during the season.
Personally, I plan on giving these to the kids in our church. I think they will enjoy them, and I think the parents will appreciate something being sent home that is meaningful. I will also challenge the students to share one with a friend if they would like to.
The inside of the pumpkin clearly spells out the plan of salvation. Once the pumpkin is fully opened, you can simply read around each one of the pumpkin "petals". They are numbered for ease in following through the entire plan in a logical manner. Each section explains that, yes, there is something much better than candy and that is being God's friend. It explains how much God loves each one of us and wants to be with us. Unfortunately he can't be with us because we have all sinned and that makes God sad. He send Jesus to us from Heaven to die on the cross so our sins can be forgiven. You can be with God forever if you follow three simple steps: admit, believe, invite. The final section includes a simple sinner's prayer for the child to follow.
While these are geared towards children, they really can benefit anyone. Imagine the lives that are touched as parents or grandparents read these with their children!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Marine Biology Review

Apologia Educational Ministries recently released Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set. Apologia kindly included the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD read by Marissa Leinart, which really makes this high school science course shine. I have an auditory learner, so listening to the CD is going to help her remember and understand what she reads so much better.

Let's talk about the text book first. It is a very sturdy, thick, hardcover book. There are 16 modules in total. If your student plans to spend two weeks per module, he or she could finish the entire curriculum in 32 weeks. There is a schedule in the student notebook though, which is what my 15 year old sophomore in high school is following. Your student should have a biology credit under their belt before attempting this course.

I really love how Apologia can be successfully used by several different types of learner. There are ideas in the very front of the text book that share how to tailor this curriculum toward your learner whether he or she is an independent learner, auditory learner, visual learner, or a social learner. There are options for all types of learners. Definitely make this curriculum fit your child instead of the other way around!

The 16 modules included in this curriculum are:

  1. The Oceans of Our Planet
  2. Life in the Sea
  3. The First Four Kingdoms
  4. Marine Invertebrates I
  5. Marine Invertebrates II
  6. Marine Vertebrates I
  7. Marine Vertebrates II
  8. Marine Ecology
  9. The Intertidal Zone
  10. Estuary Communities
  11. Coral Reefs
  12. Continental Shelf Communities
  13. The Epipelagic Zone
  14. The Deep Ocean
Each module dives deep into the topic and teaches the vocabulary associated with the module. Students also pause during their reading to answer the On Your Own questions. If your student is also using the student notebook, there is a place to record their answers to these questions. Each module also includes hands-on experiments. These are often my least favorite parts of science because of the mess involved and because sometimes supplies are hard to find. I always have my daughter read through the experiment to make sure she understands what is being asked of her to do. I also have her check that we have all the necessary supplies on hand before beginning. Occasionally we need to order something online or pick it up at the store. In that case, she needs to remember to come back to the experiment and complete it. 

The student notebook is a thick soft cover spiral bound notebook for the student to record their experiments, vocabulary, test review, and notes. It is printed in full color. This is not a necessary component to the course, but it is a nice way to help students stay organized and on task. There really are more pages in the notebook than my daughter will probably use, but that is ok. I will just have her use the pages that I assign. She can pick and choose between the others. Included in the notebook is a suggested schedule. I find that following this schedule is a big help to my 15 year old. She knows exactly what is required in order to complete the assignment and can get right to work. I like that the entire year is already scheduled for us. If there is something that I don't need her to complete, I can just cross it off. So far she hasn't had any trouble keeping up and has spent about 45 minutes each day with the reading and answering of questions. I also have her record the vocabulary words as she comes to them in the reading. 

Each module in the student notebook contains an optional summary of that module. It is fill in the bland type of activities which help to review the vocabulary words and other topics covered in the module. In addition to space to answer the On Your Own questions, there is a study guide. I have found that many of the study guide questions are similar to the On Your Own questions, just asked in a different way. This is a great way to study for the test as well. 

The tests are contained separately in a paper booklet. If you choose to use the tests for your student, you will want to keep these separate from the rest of the materials and pull them out at the assigned testing time. The solutions manual contains a copy of each test as well as solutions for the study guide, answers to the summary, and solutions for the test for each module. The beginning of this manual also includes helpful tips for grading. 

As mentioned in the beginning of my review, we also were blessed to receive the MP3 audio book. This is read by Marissa Leinart and is a very helpful addition. My daughter enjoys listening to the audio book and following along in the text. She can pause it when needed in order to record vocabulary words or answer questions. It really helps her to listen to the information in addition to reading it. 

My daughter is enjoying this study so far. It is an unconventional science credit for her, but it is also a great fit for her. 

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Kwik Stix Announcement!

You know by now how much we LOVE Kwik Stix!
If you love them as much as we do, you will appreciate that they are also now available for purchase at BJ's Wholesale Clubs.
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Right now you can purchase the 24 pack of Kwik Stix Thin Stix for just $19.99 at BJ's Wholsale Clubs.

Here's WHY we love Kwik Stix so much in our home:

Mess free
Quick drying
Easy to use

That's just a few reasons. These are the first paints that we almost always reach for when there are little ones around. They are safe, brilliant, and easy to use and clean up.
I snapped these quick shots at a birthday party. The birthday child received a set of Kwik Stix  as a present. All the kids joined in (yes, even a 17 year old!) to decorate an empty box.
Don't you just love their creativity?

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