Friday, February 7, 2014

EEME electronics project

This is Caden's 4th EEME project. It's always exciting when he gets his EEME package in the mail. Today was no exception. Within 5 minutes of getting the EEME package in the mail, he has opened it, sorted the contents, taken apart last month's project, and BEGGED to go to the EEME website so he can get to work.
Included in the online curriculum videos are questions to check understanding.
Caden consistently gets them right. He understands so much about electronics now. He is becoming very independent with these projects, and I seldom need to help him at all. If something doesn't work, he just goes back and checks his steps. 
This month's project is called "Fade to Black". The little red LED stays lit even after you release the button which turns it on. I'm very sure there is a technical term to use here...ah, yes, I think it's a capacitor which makes the light stay on until it slowly fades to off. If you want to know more or why you will need to ask Caden, my electronics genius! 
Right now there are 5 projects in the EEME lesson plans, and I am hoping there will be many more projects. Each month's project includes free shipping and all of the electronic components to build that project. The lesson plans are all online. Your child simply follows along with the video demonstration to build his or her project. The lessons and explanations are all very clear. It seems that the EEME creator has thought to include almost all there is to know about electronics and then some. He also gives the "why" behind how the pieces work together. You should take a look at the EEME website to see all they have to offer. You can even get your first month free as well as subsequent months if you share the information with your friends and they sign up too!

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  1. Very cool! Congratulations to Caden.

  2. This looks neat. How long does it take him to complete each project? Thanks!

  3. Each project varies in the amount of time it takes to complete. The first one he did took a couple of hours because it was all so new to him, but this particular project took about an hour.

  4. All three of my sons love electronics!


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