Friday, November 1, 2013

Week in Review: October 28-November 1, 2013

Revival to Revolution

Unit 10

Mackenzie is really working hard this year! She has definitely gotten into her groove and is having a great time (even if she won't admit it). Like many children she doesn't like a book if it is "required reading", but secretly I think she enjoys it because I often find her reading ahead. She takes many of her books to bed with her and reads much of her assignments the night before...gotta love that initiative!

Here she made the circuit from the science kit with Exploration Education. This is the day that she and Caden completed 3 days worth of science in 1 sitting! They wanted to finish it. Mackenzie also had extra motivation because she was offered a babysitting job for the morning of one of her school days. While I wanted her to be able to take the babysitting job, she also still had to complete her schoolwork. She was so diligent and focused and I am proud of her for working like that.
I love the notebook pages that go along with this history curriculum. They keep the students organized and motivated to have a worthy product at the end of the year. They are printed in full color and are a bit pricey, but I am beginning to see the value of them as they contain crucial information and are quite helpful in creating a full picture of the history of the time period.

Each night of the week one of the girls stays up later than everyone else and we have a Mom/Daughter time. This year Mackenzie and I are reading through a book called Girl Talk. It is really lovingly written by a mom and daughter team and is an encouraging read about passing along the language of Biblical Womanhood. We read a chapter each week and then discuss many of the questions included at the back of the book.

Creation to Christ

Unit 13

Alexis Grace is making progress in Creation to Christ. This week the science was all about spiders...ewww! Don't judge me because I let her skip the chapter...I know, I know...but I just couldn't handle a whole week about spiders. And it was Halloween this week too. Wow! Couldn't have timed that better if I had tried to on my own. At any rate, next week she will finish the Apologia Zoology 3 text and will be moving on to studying about birds.

Both of us enjoy our weekly Mom/Daughter time. Together we are reading and discussing Beautiful Girlhood. We read the chapter together and then use the discussion questions in the companion guide. Alexis copies a quote from the chapter into her own common place book.

Painting continues to be a favorite part of the week. I think she is really improving in her watercolor painting skills. Alexis earned the privilege of being able to go with Mackenzie to help in the babysitting job. This was really such a motivator for both girls...I wish I could channel their diligence like that every day!

Preparing Hearts

Unit 21

Alivia is thoroughly enjoying her independence in this HOD guide. She is an extremely diligent and thorough worker. She loves school, loves to read, and enjoys learning. I don't have any pictures of her this week. I really need to do a better job of using my camera! Her favorite part of this week: math because it was easy. I guess that's great because she has been learning long division, so I guess since it's easy it must be mastered! Alivia loves gymnastics. This past weekend my dad helped the girls build a balance beam. It's so cool and it just fits in our living room. They have had a blast learning how to do cartwheels, handstands, and other exercises on the beam!
Alivia also started working through this Pet Store math. It is so much fun. Each page walks her through step by step setting up and running a business. Such a living way to practice those math skills. She has been asking for this for a while, so I though it was time to pull it out. She is able to complete much of it on her own and has even learned a few new math skills and topics that she wouldn't otherwise learn until much later.

History of Science

Benjamin Franklin

Caden and I are reading a book about Benjamin Franklin. Caden is really enjoying hearing about all of Franklin's inventions. While I read he draws what we are learning about Franklin. He has almost mastered all of the multiplication facts, only has a couple more to go. Caden is all boy and likes to hurry and get school finished so he has more play time. We just received notification that his first EEME electronics kit has shipped, so he is really looking forward to that! I'd like to invite you to try a project EEME also. You can try it out for a month FREE! I'm leaving you with some pictures of him working on the balance beam as well. This has been a good activity for coordination, balance, and physical activity.


  1. Wow, it was really fun to read about your CM units and how they're working out. I have heard a lot about Girl Talk. I think I'll have to get that one for my girl when she gets older.

    1. Thank you. My daughter and I are truly enjoying the Girl Talk book. It has opened up some healthy discussions. Plus it's been fun to get a peek inside her brain and what is going on with her as she grows up. I just have to say, they grow up way too fast!

  2. This was such fun to read! Your dc are thriving with HOD - I can see by all of your neat pictures and descriptions. The books from Revival to Revolution are just great reads; I can see why your dd is taking them to bed and enjoying them cuddled up at night. The notebooking pages HOD makes sure do help our dc organize their work, and I LOVE the keepsake they make! It is helping me feel like I'm scrapbooking still, even though I'm just doing school with HOD. Your dd doing CTC is a lovely watercolor painter! My what a pretty painting she made! Even our sons, who are not gifted in that way, managed to have nice watercolor paintings from CTC. I like the directions are not so specific that dc who aren't so good at painting feel they cannot do the assignments. Everyone can paint and though the results are not stellar, a complete appreciation for the work that goes into a beautiful watercolor painting is certainly the end result. Your PHFHG dd sounds like my dc at that age - oh how they feel so special and grown up with their newfound independence in PHFHG! What a blessing! I bet she will enjoy her pet store. Your little Caden looks just precious. What a busy mama you are - you are doing such a wonderful job schooling your dc! May God bless you with many more days homeschooling with HOD together!

    In Christ,

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comments. It is fun to hear from someone who has also used HOD successfully. I needed to read this encouragement today. We have been extremely busy in the last few weeks. It always helps to keep focused on the task at hand, raising kids who love Jesus with all their hearts!

  3. Oh wow, I've never heard of the Pet Store Math! That looks like something we'd love to do in a couple of years!
    Looks like a fun week!

    1. I was hesitant to use the Pet Store math because I was afraid it would be discouraging if there were some parts that were difficult, but so far so good! It's a really well-written and fun way to teach math. It's just so practical. There are other versions available so if your child is interested in something other than a Pet Store, you could choose to work through a book store or a sports store.

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