Friday, February 3, 2017

Kwik Stix

The other week we received this super fun package in the mail. Now we have reviewed the Kwik Stix product before, and this time they sent us the brand new Thin Stix to review. The set includes 12 classic colors leaving plenty of options available for creating a colorful picture.
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My kids have all enjoyed using the Kwik Stix (affiliate) products. What I love now about the Thin Stix is that they are much thinner and feel more like a marker when you are using them. They will dry out though, so don't forget to put the cap back on!
These are solid tempera paint housed in a plastic case. This makes application super simple and mess free! This is a bonus for moms of young kids or teachers. My kids are all old enough now to be able to paint without making a huge mess, but I really remember how messy painting was when they were little. It would entertain them for hours, but, oh, the cleanup! Kwik Stix (affiliate) completely solved the clean up problem! The only problem we have now is keeping enough paper in the house to paint on.

These awesome paint sticks can be used on a variety of media. Got an empty cardboard box? Let the kids decorate it. Poster board, foam board, card stock, newsprint: go ahead and decorate all the things!

My niece had a fun time using these paints. Of course she still needed supervision, but she did have fun painting! We are looking forward to many more masterpieces throughout the year. Have you used Kwik Stix (affiliate) before? Share your project ideas in the comments. 

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