Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fool's Day Prank

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love an awesome April Fool's Day prank. This is literally THE. MOST. FUN. the kids and I have had with a prank in a very long time. Props to YouTuber Mark Rober for the idea. So I can't take all the credit, but we sure had a fun time driving around town! 

We drove around with a Starbucks coffee cup attached to the top of our car. Best $1.50 purchase of the day--heavy duty magnets from Hobby Lobby. They held the cup in place like a boss. Then we drove all over town that day. 
We got several funny looks, some people pointing, but the funniest of all was when people would roll down their windows and holler that we had coffee on our roof. We smiled and said, "Happy April Fool's Day!" We "got" several people and had so much fun in the process. 

It was fun to see people's faces light up with realization, and then they would chuckle as they drove away. We not only had fun, but we also brought a smile to lots of faces as we toured around town. We even went live on Facebook (no I wasn't driving and living). You can re-watch our live video. It was fun!

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