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Drive Thru History Review

Our family has been enjoying watching these DVDs from Drive Thru History®.   Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” chronicles the gospels and follows Jesus from his birth thru his ministry to his death and resurrection. This is a professionally done documentary full of truth that is found in the gospels. I have found the information contained very interesting and inter-woven with history as the life of Christ is chronicled.

Drive Thru History The Gospels
The set included 3 DVDs, each with six episodes. The discs are contained in a holder that looks like a hard back book and then there is a slip cover to keep it all together nicely. Inside the DVD holder is the study guide. You should feel free to use this guide however it would fit your situation.The study guide contains full color photos with a summary of each lesson and a famous quote from that section. There are discussion questions and Bible reading assignments to take your learning even farther. As I was watching the episodes with my family, I really thought how wonderful this would be to use for a Sunday School class.

There are 18 episodes in all in this collection:

  1. The Historical Landscape
  2. The Announcements
  3. Jesus is Born
  4. Jesus Grows Up
  5. Jesus Starts His Ministry
  6. Jesus Returns to Galilee
  7. Jesus Begins His Miracles
  8. Jesus Teaches with Authority
  9. The Sermon on the Mount
  10. Jesus Travels the Sea of Galilee
  11. Jesus Travels North with His Apostles
  12. A Final Trip to Jerusalem
  13. Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem
  14. The Last Supper
  15. The Trial of Jesus
  16. The Crucifixion of Jesus
  17. The Resurrection of Jesus
  18. Who is Jesus?

I have to comment on how impressed I was with these DVDs. The content was very engaging and even though these are technically a documentary, the video presentation is very impressive. We sat in awe at some of the historical site that Dave Stotts walked through as he explained the historical background while setting the stage for viewers as he walked through the same paths that Jesus walked.

We literally just finished studying the book of Luke for our Bible Quiz team this year. This was a perfect tie-in to that. Some of us were quoting portions of scripture right along with Dave Stotts. We also had several "AHA" moments as we actually could see the place where certain events took place in the book of Luke. We were also able to see the places that Jesus walked. This was one very impressive way to be fully engaged in the learning material.

My 17 year old commented how much she enjoyed that Drive Thru History® combined three subjects into one: Bible, History, and Geography. THAT says a lot--when you have a high schooler who recognizes the value of the product from an educational perspective. We watched these discs together as a family--ages 11 through 17--plus mom and dad. There was something to learned by everyone. I'm sure the older ones learned more than the younger one, but everyone was interested, and best of all--no groans that it was time to watch!

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