Sunday, August 11, 2013

Caden's Science Notebook

Caden is very interested in science and engineering. He is definitely my STEM oriented child. Last year at the very end of the school year, we began studying the history of science. Beautiful Feet Books has developed a well written guide which schedules several living books along with plenty of hands-on experiences including experiments, notebook assignments, and a timeline. I love that we are reading living books together and Caden loves doing the hands-on parts. Here are a few snapshots of his notebook. He is very proud of this. Sometimes we print pictures from the internet and other times he draws or writes summaries. It will surely be a personalized product when he is finished as well as a memory of what he has learned. We are both looking forward to finishing this study this year.

After reading about gravity, we did several experiments about balance and finding our center of gravity. Notice the very popular experiment where you stand against a wall with your feet touching the wall then try to touch your toes.

I helped him write some definitions to some of the vocabulary words. We also did a density experiment. We have done a similar one before, but this one was just as interesting.

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