Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Schoolroom

Honestly, we don't have just one room in our home dedicated to schooling. Each of the kids does have their own spot where they like to work, but you will typically find us doing school almost anywhere in our home (or outside of our home). My philosophy is that kids are learning no matter where they are and when you remove the formality of a schoolroom it just makes learning that much more fun. That said, I've seen some pretty AWESOME school rooms and it always makes me wish we had one too. The reality of our situation is that we just don't have room in our house for a school room. This fits right in with my philosophy that kids truly can learn anywhere!
Our message center. This board used to hold our All About Spelling tiles, but we have graduated from that program.

Each child has a cubby to hold all of their books, notebooks, and folders. They also each have a drawer which holds additional school related materials.

I had the principal hang this dry erase board on the back of the door in the kitchen. It is centrally located and allows me to post important information. This is our key verse for the school year. It will hopefully help us to remember to have JOY by putting Jesus first, others second, and yourself last.

Caden is working hard on an assignment. For now he needs to work at the kitchen table so I can help him as needed.

Alexis has her cozy spot by the computer. I will often find her cuddled up on the couch reading her assignments.

Alivia is hard at work with her science assignment from the Preparing Hearts for His Glory guidebook from Heart of Dakota.

Mackenzie reading her history assignment. She likes to take her work into her room so she can be comfortable on her bed and also be away from any distractions.

Our bookshelves hold a vast variety of our books. We have another smaller bookshelf dedicated to school books.
This is the shelf which holds this year's current school books. You can read more about our school choices in my post about what curriculum we are using this year.

Caden helping Alivia complete her science activity. They each drew a picture of a dinosaur, cut it into 12 pieces, and mixed them up. They then had to assemble the other person's picture which was quite challenging. Alivia and Caden learned that it is difficult for archaeologists to put together dinosaur bones or to draw accurate pictures of dinosaurs because they don't know what they looked like to begin with.

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