Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer wrap-up

The summer is winding down and we are slowly getting our brains wrapped back around school lessons. This summer has been a different one from our past summers. Usually during the summer we would continue working on "formal" learning--continuing working in our math textbooks, scheduling reading time, Bible memory, etc. However this summer I purposed not to force my children to learn. Instead we focused on living life, being together, doing fun stuff, camping out, and having friends over often. This picture is from a family vacation we took at the beginning of the summer.

This is really just a smattering of the AWESOME summer we have actually had.
And you know what? My kids learned something this summer. They learned that family is important and that yes, mom does know how to have fun! Not only that, but they took it upon themselves to learn in their own way. All 4 of them completed the library summer reading program without any prodding from me. They all worked in their own "businesses" and had a great time learning about being an entrepreneur and what it takes to provide a good or service to somene. They had several lessons in becoming responsible. They learned that when you promise to help a friend at the farmer's market that you had better set your own alarm so that you can get up on time and then wake up mom when its time for you to leave so she can give you a ride to said market.

We go weekly to retrieve our produce from the local CSA and they have learned how to work the scale and weigh out our amount of delicious veggies. Whether playing, swimming, or working we have had such a fun summer! I've realized something too: there really is so much learning that takes place in our everyday lives--from 4H projects to library visits to VBS to helping Nana and Papa with their garden. Kids are naturally curious and will take it upon themselves to learn what they need to or want to learn. Of course there is a place for book learning, and we are getting ready to start that on Monday, but don't forget to let your kids live life with you, and while you're at it don't forget to enjoy the ride!

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