Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week in review: August 19-23, 2013

Creation to Christ: Unit 3

Grace absolutely adores the watercolor painting!

Grace's books for CTC from Heart of Dakota. Can I just say how much we all LOVED the book, The Golden Bull! This is an absolute MUST READ book when studying ancient history. In fact it was a quick read and we couldn't wait to find out what happened each day to Jomar and his sister.

Her 4H project made it to the State Fair! We had just received her project back from the extension office so here she is and can I just say what an exciting experience this project was for her.

 Preparing Hearts for His Glory: Unit 14

Grandpa's Box is such an awesome way to read through familiar Bible stories with children. The stories are told by Grandpa each day to Mark and Amy when they arrive at his workshop after school. He has little figures which he keeps in a large yellow box and uses to tell the Biblical story of redemption.

Alivia enjoyed reading through this little booklet which told about how we got the Bible and had a brief synopsis of what each book of the Bible is about.

Completing a notebook page about dinosaurs for her science lesson.

 Revival to Revolution: Unit 2

Here are some of Mackenzie's books from Revival to Revolution from Heart of Dakota. She is finding that her work is becoming more challenging and that it is taking her a considerable chunk of time to complete each day. She has taken it upon herself to take many of her history books to bed with her at night so that she can read the next day's assignments. I'm glad she is taking the initiative to do this. I'm also glad we are using a literature based/Charlotte Mason approach to learning. It sure beats sleeping with a hefty textbook!

This week's notebook assignments
I can't say enough good things about Exploration Education...Mackenzie is really learning so many awesome science principles this year through this program. All of the projects came prepackaged in a nice box and included the logbook. The textbook is read online. There are review questions in the form of short answer and multiple choice as well as step-by-step project and experiment directions. This is truly a wonderful curriculum and looks like so much fun that you will often see my 8yo son and myself watching the experiments. She has also learned how to write up a lab experiment. There are 3 different levels for this curriculum and we are using the advanced version. This means more projects, experiments, and science 5 days each week. This also means HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT in physical science!

Building the glider

the science logbook

You can view a video of one of the first flights over on YouTube.

Beautiful Feet History of Science

Every day Caden reads 2 Bible stories from this book out loud to me. It's kinda fun to practice his reading with him.
Caden's science notebook is coming along nicely. This week we have been reading about Galileo and some of the many scientists he was privileged to live and work with.

This week we started reviewing some spelling rules and words. It's always an adventure and so much fun to see these kids grow in their knowledge of the world and how things work.

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  1. Looks like a fun time. Congrats on the 4-H project Grace.


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