Monday, April 28, 2014

Project EEME

If you haven't figured it out yet, my son pretty much LOVES Project EEME! You can read my previous blog post to see an example of one of the projects. Each month he receives a new kit in the mail (what kid doesn't love mail?) and immediately gets to work. He looks forward to the new projects and most importantly enjoys building them and showing them off. I love that he is learning. He thinks he is playing. This is an excellent electronics curriculum for kids ages 7-12. Keep reading to the end of the post for a special discount for my blog readers! (Or just click on that link right there, if the suspense is killing you!)

When we first heard about EEME, I thought maybe it would be too hard for my son. I must admit that the first project was challenging for him and for me also. We had to re-watch several of the video demonstrations in order to make the project work. However now that we have reached the final project, Caden has enough confidence to complete it almost completely independently. I occasionally look over his shoulder, but really he is doing it on his own.
Our second EEME project: DIY display
EEME uses REAL electronics components--wires, capacitors, resistors, bread board, etc. This is very appealing to my son because he is actually making something worthwhile and he is using real stuff. This is such an important component for motivation.
Along with the electronic parts, step-by-step video demonstrations are also included. These demonstrations are clear and thorough. Like I stated previously, I'm super impressed by the amount of knowledge that my son has acquired through this electronics curriculum.

Project EEME is offering a special bundle price offer for my readers. You can purchase the entire 5 month Builder basic project set for $74.95 including shipping! This special is exclusively available to readers of my blog. By purchasing through this link, you are saving at least 20%. The Builder basic kits include everything you need to build 5 different electronics projects: baseboard, breadboard, battery pack, electronic components, plus the online video curriculum.
Each month you receive a project in the mail (this is project #1: Genius Light). The Basic plan includes all of the parts and video curriculum except for the cover, which you see in the above picture. The covers are included in the Pro plan.

Still have questions? You can check out the EEME blog for more information or contact EEME directly through their website.

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  1. This looks so cool. I think my husband would even have a blast with the girls. This is the first time I have ever heard of this subscription kit.Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. I can't wait to see what you share this week.


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