Sunday, December 11, 2016

Alivia's Eighth Grade Year

This is the curriculum plan for my 8th grade daughter's school year. Some of her subjects are able to count as high school credit, so hooray for her getting a bit of a head start on that, even though it is challenging!

Bright Ideas Press
  • North Star Geography (affiliate): This is a full and amazing one stop shop for a study of World Geography. There is probably more information in this curriculum than a student could possibly even study in one year! I will be doing an upcoming post about how we are studying geography the fun way this year. So stay tuned for that!
  • Travel Dreams Journal (affiliate): We are using this in addition to the North Star Geography. While there are plenty of hands-on activities in the geography book, my girls really wanted to pursue making their own Travel Dreams Journal. This amazing journal is created by Sarah Janisse Brown and one of her daughters.
  • Biology 101 plus lab DVD: To say that I adore the 101 Series would be an understatement. It just doesn't get much easier than this. We watch the segments, read some books, then watch the lab DVDs. I do realize that some would prefer to actually DO the dissections in their own home or at a coop, but I just can't stomach it. The dissection lab DVD has been a perfect answer for us!
  • Pre-Algebra: This year she is working through Principles of Mathematics. This has been a nice diversion from Math U See. While Math U See is wonderful, it just hasn't been much fun for us lately. This particular curriculum is reading based and so far she is handling it really well.
  • Logic: The three older girls are using The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox by the Bluedorn brothers this year for logic credit. It sure is a fun way to learn to think in a different way.
  • Drama/Theatre--We all enjoy taking part in our local theatre. Currently A is in the community children's choir in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It is truly an amazing show, and she looks forward to some upcoming shows that she will audition to participate in as well. 
  • Windows to the World: This is a high school English class that I am teaching in my home. The girls will learn an introduction to literary analysis as well as grammar and composition. We will read and analyse short stories as well as novels using annotation and essays. This is a very powerful way to engage deeply with literature.
  • Getting Started with French: This is a fantastic introduction to the French language. Lessons are short and easy to complete. The text book is not overwhelming and the student is able to learn independently. Also included is an audio component with a native French speaker pronouncing the new vocabulary. 
  • Fine Arts--We have worked on finishing up the Art Projects DVDs and have moved onto art projects from
  • Bible Quiz--This year we are all studying the book of Luke. Each month the kids participate in a Bible quiz meet. It's a fun way for them to study the word, and a bonus that they get to hang out with their friends too.
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