Friday, December 2, 2016

Caden's Sixth Grade Year

This is the curriculum plan for my 11 year old this year. We are considering him as a sixth grader for most of his subjects. He is using many items that we received as review items from the Schoolhouse Review Crew. So far everything is going well, and he enjoys his studies most of the time.

Curriculum Plan:
  • Math Lessons for a Living Education--I really can't say enough good things about this. We were getting burned out and overwhelemed with our other math curriculum that we had been using. This has been a nice change of pace as we work through it. He can complete it mostly independently, but occasionally needs a few reminders or needs help walking through some of the problems. 
  • Multiplication Games--This is from and we are really enjoying it. I like that it has plenty of review of multiplication facts in a fun way. He has gotten much faster at his multiplication facts. This book includes some of the pages from Dyslexia Games level C. So that is an added bonus.
  • Following Narnia--This curriculum is produced by the Institute for Excellence in Writing. It includes literature, composition, and some grammar. We are using it as a springboard for English lessons. It has a very strong writing component to really develop some skills that will be needed in the future. 
  • Middlebury Interactive Languages Chinese--This is a review item from last year. We are currently taking a holiday break from this, but when he starts it back up after Christmas, he will be really close to being halfway finished with it.
  • Veritas Bible--I love, love, love, big-pufffy heart, adore this Bible curriculum. It is so much fun and totally interactive and engaging. We have the family subscription so that means everyone in the family can have their own account and progress at their own pace through the lessons. C is working his way through the Genesis thru Joshua and is doing great with it! This is one that everyone looks forward to each day.
  • Apologia Astronomy--This study came to us by way of a review item and ended up being a permanent one. One evening we were using the telescope at the grandparent's house and just became so curious about the night sky that we couldn't help but study it too!
  • Minecraft Journal--I love the fun-schooling journals from Sarah Janisse Brown. It really does make learning enjoyable. If you haven't yet used a do-it-yourself homeschool journal, you will definitely want to check it out!
  • Filmmaking Class Online--This is an extra-curricular class that we are working through just for fun. C has taken an interest in making videos, even uploading some to his own YouTube channel, so this seems like a good fit.
  • Drama/Theatre--We all enjoy taking part in our local theatre. Currently C is in the community children's choir in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It is truly an amazing show, and he looks forward to some upcoming shows that he will audition to participate in as well. He has had the opportunity to learn how to run the spot light for Joseph and that has been fun for him during this show.
  • Fine Arts--We have worked on finishing up the Art Projects DVDs and have moved onto art projects from
  • Bible Quiz--This year we are all studying the book of Luke. Each month the kids participate in a Bible quiz meet. It's a fun way for them to study the word, and a bonus that they get to hang out with their friends too!
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