Monday, July 17, 2017

Mapelle Film Review

Trust Fund Movie
I am always looking for entertaining and wholesome movies for my kids to watch. In today's world, you just can't trust ratings anymore, so I rely more and more on reviews and good, reputable companies like Mapelle Films to produce quality and trustworthy entertainment like Trust Fund and the accompanying Love Was Near book.
Let's chat about the movie first, then I will tell about the book. The movie was fantastic. I really wasn't expecting anything less, but I also wasn't expecting to be so impressed with this movie that we watched it three times in the first week of owning it. The first time we watched it, I had to catch only bits and pieces of it, so the second time I was able to sit down and really watch it and pay attention to the plot. It is so beautifully written.
My son (age 12) joined in on watching the movie about halfway through. He saw the part where she was just getting ready to come home and commented, "Hey, this reminds me of that one Bible story." I said, "The Prodigal Son?" and he replied, "Yes, it's just like it." I call that a home run for sure. The fact that he hadn't even watched the entire movie but got it from the time he started watching says a lot to me. And that is something that I really appreciate.
If you too are looking for clean, exciting movies for your family, this is one that you will want to add to your collection for sure. Now younger students might not understand the entire plot, but there really isn't anything frightening or upsetting in the movie that would prevent them from watching it--no profanity, no sex or nudity, some suspense. Other than the suspense, this is one movie that I wouldn't mind any younger kids watching.
Love Was Near Book
So here's the interesting thing about the book. It is actually the book that Reese writes in the movie. Once I put that together, I was even more anxious to read it. I like the format. Each chapter chronicles Reese's thoughts and then gives room for the reader to journal and think deeper about that part of the movie. It is written from Reese's view point. 
And here's what my 17 year old had to say about the movie: "That is a GOOD movie. I would definitely watch it with my friends and think it would be great to watch with the youth group at church."
My 15 year old gives this movie an A+ and says that they did a great job with the story line and theme. She would like to watch this movie with her friends too.
This is definitely a movie that we will come back to and watch again and again in the future.

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