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In the Reign of Terror--Review

In the Reign of Terror
Heirloom Audio Productions has released a new audio adventure titled In the Reign of Terror. This particular title takes place during the tumultuous French Revolution. History is expertly woven into this fictional story, taking the imagination on a journey of a lifetime. Young Harry is thrust into the center of all the conflict while attempting to rescue friends from the evil rule at the time. During a daring plot to free these aristocrats, Harry and his friends plan to enter one of the guard's homes and convince him to release the prisoners. Counter-revolutionaries threaten to overtake the city. Harry is caught up in the middle of the conflict when they attempt to seize him and classify him as a noble. Prisoners during this time are considered guilty simply because they belong to a noble family. This is a truly gripping tale, and one that will keep children and adults alike gripping their seat in suspense. Harry witnesses first hand the horrific violence of the French Revolution before returning safely to his own home.

My kids really enjoy listening to audio books and audio dramas. I personally have a hard time because I am a visual learner and not an auditory learner. My mind wanders as I try to focus on doing something with my hands while listening. I am working to improve my auditory learning skills, but I'd much rather read a book. This audio adventure was an exciting one, and my kids, ages 12 through 17 enjoyed hearing it. We were able to interact with several additional activities that are housed in the Live the Adventure Club, and those were enjoyed by all.

Live the Adventure Club is an exclusive club for members who own Heirloom Audio Productions. The club has all kinds of features including the ability for you to stream the titles online. This is really our preferred way of listening because we can access the audio drama anywhere. The club includes an adventure that you can work your way through. Each chapter of the adventure includes the audio portion of the title in addition to a read along script, a chapter quiz, thinking further questions, and vocabulary lists. These questions are also included in the PDF downloadable study guide. I like the adventure club. As we work through a chapter, we can mark it complete. It has the feel of an online type class that guides you through each section of the story. The online access also includes several additional sections and activities. Lots of information that can be found and accessed through this exclusive membership site. From this site, you can download several extras that are included with the title such as the study guide, posters, soundtrack, wallpaper for your desktop computer, and e-book of the original G.A. Henty title.

The Study Guide for this title is a full color PDF file that you can view online or download to your computer. The study guide contains background information for the title as well as questions and other activities. The review questions are broken into two different types--listening well and thinking further. The listening well questions are comprehension questions for each chapter. The thinking further questions ask the students to dig in and make additional connections to the story. These questions may require the students to research historical events or places and discuss how they connect to the main plot of the story. Each chapter also has some vocabulary development opportunities with lists of words to define. The study guide does contain more than just questions though. Recipes and historical background are included in sections titled Expand Your Learning. These are opportunities for further exploration of the time period.

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